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The Fairer Sex EP

by Vinny Peculiar

I Came Back As a Girl They said I was no more Said I’d been and gone My time was all over All over and done My star had faded out Out of time and out of space But I returned To restart the race Swore it was the end of the world But I came back Back as a girl Sugar and spice and all things nice My hands were tiny You said they were good for porn…not that I ever did any My heart was big My soul reborn I tasted of pear drops and strawberry lip-gloss My shoes were stacked up high I couldn’t read maps But I would try I’d try…oh how I’d try Swore it was the end of the world But I came back Back as a girl Sugar and spice and all things nice I could be devious I could be serious I could be cruel and I could be oh so imperious Oh so mischievous I shopped until I dropped So easily I cried At Sleepless in Seattle and the one about the virgin bride…yeah I loved that one I grew my hair I grew my nails I got a Dolphin tattoo No one believed me when I said The real me is dead They thought I’d lost my head…they thought I’d lost it Swore it was the end of the world But I came back Back as a girl Sugar and spice and all things nice Back in extra time Back in the firing line Back on the town with Jeff and Dave Were going to the pub and to the rave I’m dancing my life away Will it always be this way? I don’t know I just don’t know…I just don’t know I came back as a girl
House of Girls Little Rachel plays the queen of hearts And pirouettes like Darcy Slips into her baby dolls and saucy lingerie Dearest Tristan on the web cam says He just loves to watch a pretty girl moan Care to join him in the holidays He says he’ll make see you feel at home He’s in the house of girls Jeff the tycoon and his PA Sue Go dancing on the old shag pile I want to do it all night long she says Lionel Richie style I truly missed you in the holidays LA reeks of sweat and aerosol gas So glad you’re here baby get me a beer And then I’ll let you kiss my You can kiss me… Peter loves the new Jacuzzi Makes a toast and takes a happy pill Here’s to my little angel Here’s to you my gorgeous little angel…still There are mirrors on the ceiling Condoms on the shelf by the door Every single night it’s a gentlemen’s delight And you can hardly ask for more Precious trinkets from the Middle East How wonderful so kind… There’s something here you really have to try And its going to blow your tiny mind, oh yes Its gonna blow your tiny miiiiind….. In the house of girls We’re in the house of girls Hundreds of girls Thousands of girls
No Reply 02:10 video
Theres comes a time of no reply There comes a time to say goodbye And now the time is here Goodbye my love my dear Goodbye Never mind the hurt and the cruel regrets Nor the bitter tears we shed Put the photographs away for another rainy day to come In April It doesn't matter how far I move away Part of me will be with you forever I know it sounds absurd but I wish that I could stay In your loving arms forever But I don't want to be your new best friend So I can never see you again Theres nothing more to add I'm just so very sad Today Just so very sad Today
Trial by Lingerie She needed some new underwear So after the cinema We went to the Trafford Centre Found ourselves in Marks and Spencer These will do the trick she said…nice I say the thong seems to have given way to something altogether more rounded? The Brazilian she said That’s what the new shape is called Oh … I thought that was something to do with shaving I say, a little too smugly – no reaction Some ten minutes later she’s paying at the counter at the front of the queue when she shouts across the shop floor ‘Can you just bring me another size 12 in the black?’ ‘They’re on offer, thanks’… I return to the briefs and bras section but in haste get all confused and start to panic, I can’t find them, I’m going round in circles, bras and knickers, briefs and stockings I am overwhelmed, overcome… At this point the women in the queue all turn around, they too are looking at me like I’m on trial, on trial by lingerie Oh dear… We have further words and this time she’s raised her voice, ‘I can see them from here’ - she rolls her eyes and leaves the queue, marches towards me and duly identifies the required knickers giving them a little wave in the air signalling success, result! Out of the corner of my eye I can see other women in the queue smiling, nudge nudging, wink winking, and collectively groaning ‘men egh I have behaved to type, and they know it, and I know it… I apologize The girl at the till is patient and polite It’s easy to get confused she says a little too sweetly It happens all the time The store is closing We say goodbye Do you mind if I go to HMV I say? Only if you promise to be quick is the reply… Trial by lingerie I’m on trial by lingerie


Vinny Peculiar

'The Fairer Sex' EP

Release Date 17.2.17

Format Digital: All Platforms

The Fairer Sex EP, four songs linked by gender ...

‘I Came Back As A Girl’, is an identity switching fantasy of reincarnation, a transitional re awakening...

‘House of Girls’ from the webcams of desire to the Jacuzzi's of the absurd with Hefner, String-fellow and the usual suspects...

‘No Reply’ a gentle plaintive piano ballad, simply sadness loss and resignation...

‘Trial by Lingerie’ a light hearted look at male humiliation in an M&S Lingerie department...oh dear

'if there’s a more underrated (read cult) quality UK songwriter out there then we have yet to hear them' IRISH TIMES


released February 17, 2017

Written by Alan Wilkes aka Vinny Peculiar
Recorded at Whitby Studios, Ellesmere Port with Ian Lewis
Mixed by Vinny Peculiar
Mastered by Dave Marsden

Vinny Peculiar - Main Voice, Guitars, Keys,
Paul Tsanos - Drums, Backing Vocals
Bobby Kewley - Bass, Backing vocals
Rob Steadman - Keys, Backing Vocals
Maaike Ghijsels - Backing Vocals


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Vinny Peculiar Worcester, UK

Vinny Peculiar variously described as – ‘An under sung national treasure’ [UNCUT Magazine]– a warm hearted Morrissey [Q Magazine] and ‘The missing link between Jarvis Cocker and poet Roger McGough and some of the wittiest lyrics this side of Wreckless Eric’ IRISH TIMES ... more


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