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by Vinny Peculiar

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A swimming pool in California so blue There’s Neil and Joni too A bigger splash We framed the poster put it on the wall Back from San Francisco in the fall A bigger splash The Grateful Dead are tripping in heaven They turn their amps way up to eleven Come on over if you want to take a swim You know I like to watch you glide Gracefully in the water and make a bigger splash A bigger splash Years roll by the edges frayed Sunlight discolored the frame A bigger splash So, we took it down to get it all cleaned up Not sure what happened to it after that Mines a different kind of heaven Football in the park walking by the Severn Come on over if you want to Hang out with the kids do what it is you need to There’s a lovely park here too I’d like to think you put the poster back, after I left On the wall in its rightful place A bigger splash And every once in a while, when you walk past It puts a smile upon your face A bigger splash David Hockney in 67 says he died, he died and went heaven All those paintings live on forever, but this was the one keeping us together Golden Gate fold sacred hill side Amoeba Records before the greats died Come on over if you want to take a swim you know you know I like to watch you dive gracefully into the water And make a bigger splash A bigger splash
Rothko 04:14
A deep space shade of maroon And a darker night sky blue Here’s a big bright yellow one Tall as a house big as the sun The colour and the camouflage In the early morning gallery glare Hurts my eyes tourists arrive I need to be somewhere Rothko Rothko Rothko Rothko Tour parties checking their headsets Security guard falls asleep If you stare at these things for long enough You can expect to weep The guide is working overtime A tour party shuffles by A young girl takes a photograph And her boyfriend starts to cry Rothko Rothko Rothko Rothko And the walls of the art gallery sing What have you done to me? What is this thing? Give me a clue should I be sad Should I be scared, should I be glad Every canvass has a number but not a name You have to let the colour permeate The inner workings of the brain I’ve got a headache coming on Yeah that’s the idea son No matter how you shuffle the song Everything you assumed to be right is wrong Rothko Rothko Rothko Rothko And the walls of the gallery sing What have you done to me? What is this thing? Give me clue should I be sad Should I be scared, should I be glad oh Should I, I don’t know… Security guard comes back from his break Been taking to a colleague about a fake He’ll be glad when the show comes to an end Says there’s only so much you take in my friend There’s only so much you can take in There’s only so much you can take Rothko Rothko Rothko Rothko Rothko Rothko Rothko Rothko Rothko Rothko Rothko Rothko
Hear my pathetic lament I do not care And I won’t repent Read my lips in your sleep One precious secret Bound over to keep Our dreams will never come true Whatever is said Whatever we do Love’s just a cold calling card Guided by voices And desolate hearts You give me comfort and joy I feel like a girl In need of a boy Light pours out of my head But the shadows on you Will leave me for dead This is the end of the song End of the dream in which We don’t belong So please take your beautiful soul Back to your loved ones Back to the fold
Heavy metal tit for tat Sweltering in a drop forge cast Do you know the way to Wolverhampton? Bought the Diamond Head LP From the legend Silver Terry Handbags at the BYO Local girls mess with your head Listening to Judge Dread Then you miss the last bus home Better call your dad he’ll moan You got him out of bed It’s a pig’s ear growing up In a market town of indeterminate status But that was then but this is now And nothing’s changed that time won’t allow To change us, change us Smokers coughing on the 144 British Leyland Red Robo’s war And life shows you the door Heavy metal that’s your tribe It’s come to bury you alive for sure And you can turn the volume up And you can call your girlfriends bluff But she prefers the Wonderstuff She’s in the wrong era You can put the speaker on the windowsill Make a racket make the neighbours ill I dare you; I dare you So never the mind the albatross Or the Saturday gigs at the Holy Cross That put an end to The festival that never was On the village green and all because you bailed Last minute curtailed On the day the world turned blue The only thing I ever to wanted to do Was heavy metal… All I ever wanted to do All I ever wanted from you Was heavy metal All I ever wanted from you was heavy metal That’s heavy
I’m Jack the dripper I am a painter I work on canvass I work on paper I died a driver I died a drinker I died to save you I died to change your mind So be kind to me You’ve seen me painting in documentary You’ve seen me drinking in New York City I died a hero I died a saviour I died an artist I died to change your mind So be kind to me
Francis Bacon made a painting Of the Nazi Pope in waiting Existential agony Hanging in The National Gallery Soap and bandages from the master of Seville Roast beef sandwiches from a pub in Notting Hill You find a way there’s always been a will Francis Bacon Irish pilgrim Combs the streets of Soho London Drinking at the Groucho Club with Jeffrey Bernard and Damian Hurst Police conviction it’s the duty of the state To those who love to love and those we love to hate The sitter takes his clothes off the artist starts to paint Francis Bacon died in Madrid In the raincoat he was wearing Surrounded by people drawing Inspiration from his calling The crucifixion of a famous friend’s portrait The Daily Mirror says people can’t relate You cut your nose off to spite your face To spite your face
A man and his shadow not hard to find Step into the darkness with flashlight Turn on the siren sit back and relax Ignore the science ignore the facts Interrogation is a simple affair A cigarette machine an electric chair Not sure who’s good cop not sure who’s bad When they both have a look, have a look of your Dad A man and his shadow not hard to find At home on the front step clapping to be kind In the new apocalypse the reaper runs riot And the good ones go early, as we stare down the quiet There’s nowhere to go and no one to see As the shadows grow taller tall as the leaves on the tree And the people cross over oh so politely There’s a government update nightly A man and his shadow have nowhere to hide The bushes are burning the trees have all died There’s a room in my house where nothing survives Nothing Nothing A man and his shadow not hard to find… A man and his shadow Just a man and his shadow Just a man and his shadow
Grayson 04:41
Grayson let’s do this thing art is like a wheel spin Time to change those dreary clothes dig out the strobes And there’s Drella, the Pittsburgh Cinderella who made everyone slippers for the ball And Damian that devil kid who sells you coloured pills from beneath a coffin lid Oh Grayson alone upon a screen, swiping and skyping, suspended in a dream As Mo Tucker beats the loving drum of human kindness Everybody freezes We all need a little more art in our life We all need a little more art The potter’s wheel of fortune spins and you invite us in To share in the delights of broken kilns and a teddy bear called Alan Lets make art Grayson let’s make new stuff We can paint is soy sauce and we can sculpt in mud Recycle remodel re make reconfigure We can turn back time we can cry a river.. Grayson…this is our time Grayson We all need a little more art in our life We all need a little more art Grayson my confession sits with the high priest of all the misfits Artefacts of isolation for your consideration Worthless tools in the digital shed A transistor radio battery dead And a massive flashing motel sign Tickles the fancy flutters the heart Every connection every reflection every rejection every hope We all need a little more art in our life We all need a little more art We all need a little more art in our life I turn my gaze away I don’t know what to say How to feel and or how to look Into the soul of the etiquette book Good job Bob Dylan’s let me off the hook Grayson we can do this thing This raw material is nowhere near as ethereal as you think Absent friends take a bow here we go now here we go now We all need a little more art in our life We all need a little more Darling, all aboard the penny farthing Darling, make it cool and make it daring, darling Conceptualisms world of naff Dada and the baked bean bath Futurism takes you back Impressionism paints it black Modernism doesn’t care Apparently, we’re getting there apparently, we’re getting there
Fifteen minutes of fame the old Warhol cliché was A feeble affair so late in the day Just show me the work and I’ll copy and paste I don’t want you to get all covered in paint Just choose an image help yourself Off the jpeg off the shelf I’ll be right here if you need some help Opportunity knocked exhibitions sold out But now the likes and the views the feeds and the news Are riddled with doubt I try to keep up to date wash dirty hands New wave coming soon yeah, you’re gonna need to make plans Just take a picture make a copy Hang it up in the hotel lobby Tell the manager not to worry Reproduction is king and Andy knows best He takes a very dim view of all our futile regrets Repeat after repeat cause nothing has changed Nico’s harmonium drones into oblivion The negative is in the can the picture sucks It’s just a PR scam you’re not fault it’s the way I am Max’s closed down and the factory sold A long time ago but that story that story’s still told And now the gallery show is a raging success All those tales in a spin all those heads in a mess Take a picture of yourself off the peg off the shelf I’m still here if you want some help
Perfect Song 03:08
The prefect song exists And when you first hear it The melody feels brand new and Every line of it rings true No matter if you’ve already heard Every nuance every word You need to hear it once again Stop what you’re doing and listen Makes you cry you feel like you want to die Makes you smile but after a very short while The perfect song it seems too slow You discover another on the radio One that hits a magical spot First you grow cold and then you get hot And you pray for a beautiful day And you feel surreal The perfect song twists and crawls In and out of the dance halls It takes a seat centre stage Then it disappears clean off the page All gone where did the idea came from All gone back to square one The perfect song I thought I wrote I threw away note for note I gave up on chapter and verse And saying goodbye, it really hurts And love love will tear us apart Still you know that old chestnut by heart And life imitates art Here we are back at the start Of my perfect song My perfect song My perfect My perfect
Fine Art 04:09
She studied for a Fine Art Degree in a red brick University She said Oh wow now just look at me I was working on a building site I’d joined a band we were doing alright Session on the local BBC She drew me a picture of the queen Naked in bath for all to see And it’s still hanging on my wall And it remains a talking point When my friends come over to call She was a beautiful girl She came from a different world I never stood a chance She met a Dutch photographer And he photographed her in her underpants She wrote to me explaining why she had to say goodbye I found it hard to accept But I did as I was told I was as good as gold and I did my best to forget her I never heard from her in a very long time And then she appeared in a vision of mine As real and true as I stand here before you So I put her into this song Now it feels like she’s been here all along Should I try to track her down, now I’m back in the old town? If you know who I’m talking about tell her to come by I hardly ever get out I’d been back here for a couple of years There was no sign of her I was starting to think I’d made it all up And Mr Shadrack was calling my bluff When out of the blue I took a call And we went to the zoo and we went to the ball We took the bus after the wedding drove into the sunset That was the ending


ARTISTS ONLY is the fourteenth studio release from UK Singer Songwriter Vinny Peculiar [aka Alan Wilkes].

Most of the songs on ARTISTS ONLY take their inspiration from the ART WORLD, from Pollock to Perry, Hockney to Rothko, Warhol to Bacon. There’s also the neo classism of Pathetic Lament, teenage tales of Heavy Metal heartbreak, the quest for the Perfect Song and lockdown ballad A Man and his Shadow.

ARTISTS ONLY is an eclectic collection, such elements of hard rock, blue eyed funk and pastoral chamber pop may well resonate with fans of PULP, DENIM, BOWIE, RAY DAVIES, LUKE HAINES and MARTIN NEWELL.

The first single is ‘A Bigger Splash’, release date 25.10.21
- a driving surf style hard twanging affair inspired by a couples shared love of that most iconic image with the tell-tale refrain… ‘David Hockney in 67 says he died he died and went to heaven, all his paintings live on forever, but this was the one keeping us together’

ARTISTS ONLY adds further weight to the critically acclaimed recording career of the man formerly described as a ‘warm hearted morrisey’ [Q MAGAZINE] an ‘unsung national treasure’ [UNCUT MAGAZINE], and ‘the missing link between Jarvis Cocker and Roger McGough’ [IRISH TIMES].

Past Vinny Peculiar collaborations include Bonehead from OASIS with whom he wrote recorded and toured as PARLOUR FLAMES. The SMITHS rhythm section Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce were his former backing band. He’s also worked with Bill Drummond and compered the Glastonbury Acoustic Stage.


released January 10, 2022

1,6, produced by David Marsden
2,11 produced by Dave Draper
3,5, produced by Matthew Devenish
4,7,8,9,10, produced by Matt Culpepper

Mastered by David Marsden

Joe Singh drums 1,4,7,8,9,10
Leah Walch backing vocals
Alan Wilkes main & backing vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, bass guitar, synths, pianos,

All Songs written by Alan Wilkes aka Vinny Peculiar cc 2021

Artwork/Design Paul Cliff with images from the paintings of Dave Hulston


all rights reserved



Vinny Peculiar Worcester, UK

Vinny Peculiar variously described as – ‘An under sung national treasure’ [UNCUT Magazine]– a warm hearted Morrissey [Q Magazine] and ‘The missing link between Jarvis Cocker and poet Roger McGough and some of the wittiest lyrics this side of Wreckless Eric’ IRISH TIMES ... more


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